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 CELIS (CELESTIA Ingeniería de Sistemas) is a Spanish private SME company dedicated to providing Innovative and Cutomized Satellite Ground Segment Solutions, Products and Services.

CELIS started its operations in September 2014 as a company of CELESTIA Technologies Group and with industrial managers of recognized experience in the space market as shareholders. Our shareholders, with a professional background over 25 years in providing services, systems and products to the most relevant customers in the aerospace & defence market, are key for the reseach, innovation and technology development.

CELIS combines the flexibility and autonomy of a small company with the support from CELESTIA Technologies Group. It is specialized in providing Satellite Ground Segment Solutions, Products and Services for a wide range of applications, such as; Telecommunications, Navigation, Earth Observation and Space Surveillance.

Thanks to the solid experience and large heritage of our staff, we are able to provide custom solutions, as well as develop products to satisfy the space and defence market demands.



The main focus of CELIS is the customer. We understand their needs, organization and worries in order to provide innovative and high technology solutions.

Research, development and innovation

At CELIS, we believe that research, development and innovation are key drivers in order to ensure competitiveness, sustainability and development of the company.


Care of our personnel, their motivation and performance is of paramount importance for business success.


Collaboration and “win-win” relationship with the relevant companies and entities of the aerospace and defence sector.

Quality and Competitiviness

We establish our processes in an efficient and effective way allowing us both; to be competitive in the market and to provide high quality services to our customers.


Ground_Segment_tabCELIS team has a remarkable heritage and experience in project management and system engineering of ground segment projects throughout all the project phases. From specific R&D developments up to large turnkey systems, we cover a wide range of project types.


  • System Engineering
  • Ground Stations and Equipment
  • Monitoring and Control
  • In-Orbit Test Benches
  • Traffic/Carrier Monitoring
  • Integration, Installation and Testing
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

CELIS expertise in a range of application areas are suited to embedded solutions and software applications development.


  • Equipment Firmware
  • Monitoring and Control
  • In-Orbit Test Software
  • Carrier Monitoring Software
  • Orbital Analysis
  • Ad-hoc firmware and software development

Navigation_tab Since GSTB-V2 and IOV, our staff have been involved in Galileo GCS and GMS element development projects dealing with project management, quality assurance, system engineering, software and specific developments. Offering

  • Galileo Ground Equipment.
  • Galileo Remote Elements.
  • Galileo Software.
  • Remote Sites related activities.
  • Support to System Activities.
  • Operation Support.
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS).

SSA_tabSpace is increasingly crucial to modern society, however it is congested with tens of thousands of man-made objects as well as micro-meteors, asteroids and other natural satellites that may have adverse effects on satellite and space assets. CELIS staff expertise related to Space Situational Awareness is dated back to ESA SSA Preparatory Program. This heritage allows CELIS offering engineering and development capabilities for Space Surveillance and Tracking. Offering

  • System Engineering
  • Orbital Analysis Tools
  • Radar Sensors
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Integration, Installation and Testing
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)


CELIS is a highly specialized and professional team with a high level of training, skills and experience. We are committed to train our employees.

Our team is integrated by:

  • Senior Staff with recognized experience in the space market.
  • Software engineers with proven experience in the design and development of Ground Segment software.
  • Senior engineers with experience in:
    • System Engineering.
    • Antennas, RF, baseband, signal processing, test & simulations technologies.
    • Assembly, Integration and Validation (AIV).
    • Operations. 
  • Engineers from the Universities collaborating with CELESTIA Technology Group.



The quality management system of CELIS is certified as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


CELESTIA Technologies Group is an international multi technology group based on innovation, investigation and development of high technology products key factors to a steady growth.

The organisation is comprised of a number of multi-disciplinary hi-tech SME’s having a common strategic visión.

The individual companies operate in the defence, space, wireless, governmental and medical segments offering state of the art products supported by an extensive background of R&D activities.

The shareholders (industrial managers, technologists, professors) are responsible for the know-how of each company providing continuity in the technology advancement.


At a glance




CELESTIA Technologies Group Companies


CELESTIA Technologies facilities are at the disposal of companies in the group for project development

Assembly room

Assembly_RoomPCBs, equipment and racks integration.

Microscopes of several types.

Welding stations of different types.

Pick and Place machine.

Equipment and tools needed for general purpose integration.

Size: 22 m2.

RF and Microwave Laboratory

RF_Mw_LabMeasurement capabilities up to 40GHz.

Vector Network Analysers: Time and Frequency domains.

Spectrum Analysers: 1 Hz resolution.

Phase noise utilities.

Synthesized Swept Signal Generators.

Noise Figure Analysers up to 26.5GHz without external mixers.

Peak and Average Power Meters.

DC Electronic loads.

Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes.

Climatic chamber (-65ºC to 150ºC).

Anechoic Chamber

Large Antenna Anechoic Chamber with Measurement capabilities up to 40GHz.

Compact Range and Spherical Field Measurement Scheme Options.

State of the art measurement equipment for automation and control.

Automatic arrays calibration techniques implemented.

Size: 11m x 6m x 5m.

Clean Room (Class 1:10.000)

Die bonding for chips placement on boards with epoxy dispenser tool.

Conductive and non-conductive space-qualified epoxies.

Wedge & Capillary wire (deep access) & Ball bonding (magnification 200X).

PID controlled heating system.

Ultrasonic cleaning system.High resolution microscope (1200X) with polarizer to avoid reflected light.

Cryogenic Test Facilities

Cryo_LabReconfigurable Lab Cryostats (up to 10K) with automatic measurement system of scattering parameters and Noise Temperature.

Closed cycled operation (Helium recharge no needed).

Inside volume: 10 dm3.

Minimum temperature (without load): 12 K.

Cooling power: 12W at 20K and 35W at 77K.

Temperature monitoring error: ±0.25K.