Carrier Monitoring

Capabilities Description

Our Carrier Monitoring Solutions are built using ATOMS software. They include Planning, management and operation of satellite communication networks in multiple frequency bands (L-Band, C-Band, X-Band, Ku-Band, DBS, Ka-Band).

CELIS Carrier Monitoring Solutions provide the set of tools for RF carrier performance monitoring of an unlimited number of satellites.

  • User friendly graphical HMI.
  • Scalable architecture.
    The architecture supports multiple satellites with one or several antennas from a single or several measurement sites.
  • Planning and scheduling tolos.
  • Measurement and monitoring of satellite parameters.
  • Interference detection and monitoring.
  • Transponder statistics and system reporting.
  • Satellite parameters monitoring and spectrum surveillance.
  • Recording and playback.
  • Built-in logging capabilities for alarms, events and measurement data.


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