In-Orbit Testing

IOT at a glance


Satellite parameters are measured and monitored in an automatic way, minimizing operator intervention.

Fast & Accurate

Test algorithms provide fast and accurate measurements.


Extensive use of COTS brings reliability to IOT Systems.

Product Description

CELIS turnkey in-orbit testing solutions are aimed to perform satellite commissioning and routine testing of satellite payloads. Our systems are available in the UHF, L, S, C, X, Ku, DBS and Ka-Bands for MEO, LEO and GEO satellites. They implement a comprehensive set of measurements for satellite testing that can be tailored to mission requirements.

CELIS IOT solution can cover one or several functionalities:

  • Payload In-Orbit Testing.
  • Earth Station Verification and Acceptance.
  • Earth Station calibration.
  • Carrier and Spectrum Monitoring.

HMI is the operator interface for equipment management, IOT campaign planning, procedure execution, database management, results viewing and supervision of automatic test campaign execution.

Database is flexible and can be configured according to mission and testing needs. It includes satellite configurations, ground stations and calibration management. Our IOT systems are provided with a database editor. Database is also provided with import/export functionalities to standard formats (pdf, MS Excel, …).

Through HMI, operator can supervise the measurement results as soon as they are obtained.

IOT systems provide detailed test reports including:

  • Satellite channel and configuration.
  • Ground Station configuration.
  • Measurement conditions.
  • Raw and processed measurement results.
  • Pass/Fail criteria.

They can be exported to standard formats (pdf, MS Excel, …).

Results viewer allows the operator to search previous measurement data. Options such as; view, print and export are available.

IOT systems interfaces can be tailored to customer systems:

  • Telemetry interface.
  • Radiometer interface.
  • Orbital data interface.
  • M&C interface for IOT station configuration.


  • Training.
  • IOT station calibration.
  • IOT campaign operation support.
  • IOT campaign rehearsals. 


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