Product Description

CELIS offering includes LNA assemblies either as part of the ground stations or as a separated item.

LNA assembly is mounted on an outdoor plate installed at the antenna hub and provided with an interface panel for quick and easy connection and the interconnecting control cables towards the indoor controller.

LNA assemblies are normally provided in a redundant configuration in order to minimize system downtime due to LNA failure. Typical configurations are 1:1 and 1:2 systems including one spare LNA for one or two primary units, respectively.

The LNA assembly can provided with an optional LNA Automatic Switchover Unit (LNA ASU) in order to manage automatic switching to the spare LNA upon failure of one primary unit. See more on LNA ASU>

  • High quality COTS LNAs.
  • Available frequency ranges from L-Band up to Ka-Band.
  • Manual override.
  • Waveguide input flanges.
  • Output coaxial connectors.
  • Several configurations:
    • Dual waveguide/coaxial switches.
    • Separated waveguide and coaxial switches.

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