Monitoring & Control

Capabilities Description

CELIS Monitoring and Control Systems are based on the tailoring of ATOMS software suite according to customer requirements and equipment. It offers speed, performance, flexibility and ease of use for ground segment, stations and equipment operation.

Management of Ground Station and network equipment with independence of equipment brand, technology and interface type is possible with our Monitoring and Control solution.

  • User friendly HMI for operators.
  • Equipment and redundancy management.
  • Antenna pointing management.
  • Macrocommand definition and execution.
  • Automatic configuration of equipment.
  • System parameters computation and display.
  • Scheduling.
  • Built-in logging capabilities for events and alarms.
  • Seamless integration with customer M&C platforms.
  • M&C redundant configuration
  • Built-in tests to help in the maintenance of the ground station or system.


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