Remote Control Panel

Product Description

Remote Control Panel (RCP) is a modular solution for monitoring and control ground stations or equipment. It is installed in a 19” rack and stack unit, 4U height for easy integration within the ground station racks.

The RCP provides and user-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) offering advanced M&C functionalities and constitutes a flexible interface to Higher Level Monitoring & Control systems:

Due to its modular design, the RCP can easily be customised with additional functionalities according to customer requirements and needs.

  • User friendly HMI for operators
  • Local monitoring and control of ground stations or equipment.
  • Automatic configuration of equipment
  • Macrocommand and Scheduling capabilities
  • Redundancy Management
  • Antenna Pointing management
  • Built-in logging capabilities for events and alarms.
  • Remote monitoring and control via TCP/IP
  • Easily customisable according to customer requirements and needs.


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